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In order to list your horse on this site, the horse must meet the requirements for "Foundation."

Description of the Foundation Morgan Horse
The sire line must trace to Justin Morgan (very top line of pedigree)
Horse must not have any saddlebred outcrosses after 1930*
Offspring are catagorized as 'foundation' as long as both parents qualify

Mares, stallions and geldings

*No saddlebred after 1930 means no horse foaled after 1930 with a saddlebred
parent. The one exception is the registered offspring of the saddlebred
mare Ladelle. She had foals, including full siblings, both before and
after the 1930 date that were registered as Morgans. So, the decision was
made to allow those from Ladelle as "Foundation".

Still not sure if your Morgan meets the requirements?

Saddlebreds most responsible for changing the type of the Morgan breed
today due to linebreeding and inbreeding. If your Morgans have any of these names in their pedigree, they are ineligible for foundation status.

Upwey King Peavine/Astral Jones-Old Hockaday
Hudson/Admiral Denmark
Polly Forrest/Forest Whirlwind
Barrymore McDonald/Rex Barrymore/Rex Peavine

You can also determine if your horse is Foundation by checking the "Foundation List of Approved Morgans" on the Foundation Morgan Horse Society website.

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