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Ideal Conformation

Head and Neck
Medium sized head
Straight face
Broad forehead
Small ears set wide apart
Soft, intelligent eyes
Neck of medium length and well-crested
Full mane

Chest deep and wide
Body round and deep, close ribbed
Short back combined with long underline
Quarters well-rounded
Long, smooth croup

Body (continued)
Lots of muscling over the loin
Good sized shoulders
Long, broad forearm
Point of shoulder set high on chest
Full tail


Legs flat-boned
Short, wide and flat back cannons
Short strong front cannons
Round and strong hooves with ample size
Full muscling in the gaskins
Pasterns medium length and flexible
Wide hocks

Foundation Morgan Horse Type
"The term 'baroque' is used to describe horses of Spanish Barb origin, such as the Andalusian, Lipizzan, etc., that have round body contours and the neck on top of the shoulder that give them an elegant, collected stance, and they are more powerful than a more slender bodied horse of more angular build. Most certainly Morgans of "original type" of the old Morgan bloodlines fit into this conformation type." Read more from the article "Morgan Type and Where it Came From."


Sensible, intelligent and willing.

Walk: flat-footed, rapid and elastic
Trot: square and balanced
Canter: smooth

Potential Disciplines
Foundation Morgans are very athletic and excel in many disciplines including reining, dressage, combined driving, endurance, competitive trail, cutting and more. Whether a show horse, trail horse or beloved family horse, Foundation Morgans make talented, versatile and willing partners.

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