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Morgan Type and Where it Came From
The term "baroque" is used to describe horses of Spanish Barb origin, such as the Andalusian, Lipizzan, etc., that have round body contours and the neck on top of the shoulder that give them an elegant, collected stance, and they are more powerful than a more slender bodied horse of more angular build. Most certainly Morgans of "original type" of the old Morgan bloodlines fit into this conformation type.

In addition, all the best research shows that the original Morgans were "proto-thoroughbreds", that was the English colonial horse, of Spanish Barb origin, the result of importations from Spain and North Africa into England from the Middle Ages on until colonial times. (The "proto-thoroughbreds" were the horses of the English castle paintings, that so remarkably resembled Morgans of original type today.)

Their descendents were then imported into colonial coastal New England, and
when bred together they became the Morgan Horse, named after the most famous sire, Justin Morgan, and the only sire line of the breed that was recorded and recognized when a Morgan registry was formed in 1892.

The original ancient proto-thoroughbred breed in England was wiped out by various decrees by the kings to rapidly develop the true, modern racing thoroughbred of tall, rangy build.

Remnants of the original ancient breed that were left in the 1800s in England were then wiped out by crossing the mares with draft stallions to produce heavy cart horses for the cities in Victorian times. Now this ancient breed in its true form remains only as the last of the original Morgan bloodlines. Now under threat as well, the original Morgan lines have been diluted over and over again by recent outcrosses since the 1930s to modern saddlebreds and hackneys to create a modern show horse, and now more than half of the registered Morgans alive are heavily of this other "modern" breed and greatly lacking the characteristics and baroque type of the original Morgan breed. It is our purpose to identify and educate the public and breeders about the Morgans of the original lines and how to find them and how to select for a return to original type and the original bloodlines.

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