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Letter from Joseph R. Brunk to the Morgan Horse Magazine

Cotton Hill Stock Farm, Rochester, Illinois
I am enclosing $1.00 for subscription to The Morgan Horse of which I have
received two copies, numbers 1 and 2.
I enjoy it very much insomuch as I personally attended the Vermont State
Fair in 1909, 1911 and 1913, and hearing such Morgan men talk to my father
as Mr. C.C. Stillman, E.A. Darling, Spencer Borden, Harold Watson, Henry S.
Wardner, and I think I saw more Morgans there than at any State Fair that I
ever attended., and I have been to nearly every one in the United States
sometime in my life.

The largest showing of Morgans that I have ever seen was at the St. Louis
World's Fair in 1904 where I remember very well such horses as "General
Gates", "Knox Morgan", and many others. In all there were close to 100
head in the show.

I am a busy Illinois farmer and Morgan breeder and sometime I hope to have
the time to send you some of the history of these shows, as I saw and showed
Morgans with them in some of the best classes ever lined up before a judge.
At these shows the blocky 15 hand kind were picked as winners. Of course
the improved or saddle type Morgan was not there at those times, although we
did have several in the show at St. Louis that were 16 hands but were all
left out of the ribbons.

As to the Half-Bred Registry, I do not see where the Morgan breed will gain
much, as it will also give a chance to work in some who may not even be

With best wishes for The Morgan Horse.
Jos. R. Brunk
Cotton Hill Stock Farm,
Rochester, Illinois

contributed by Joanne Curtis

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