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From Out of the Past….But Still Present
by Lillian Smith

The following article appeared in the 1969 stable sheet.

Word from Eastern Oregon, Dawn Green writes that their newest purchase, El Spartez, a 13 year old stallion, is the nicest riding horse she’s ever been on. In fact, all their friends who have ridden him agree that a smoother riding horse or more sure-footed couldn’t be found. He’s sired by El Cortez, (who was formerly named Hiebert’s Challenge 8076 and changed by Roland Hill in California). “Unlike older brother-in-blood Joaquin Morgan, whose good looks and type had actually prompted the purchase of the younger colt, El Cortez proved to be perfectly gentle, as did his get. Used far less than Joaquin Morgan in spite of that, El Cortez left few entire sons and not many more daughters. Somewhat small, but exceedingly typy, his daughters have nonetheless produced well and their names still appear in the pedigrees of many of California’s oldest and best Morgan horses.” (April 1968, Morgan Horse Magazine, by Mabel Owen). The dam of El Spartez is Princess Spar, who is now owned by Mr. And Mrs. Jim Michels, Wren, OR.

El Spartez 12019, was foaled August 27, 1956, and bred by the estate of M.C. Bloh of Redding, California. I received a letter recently from Rosie saying that Spartez is 32 years old and doing very well in his advanced years. His latest foals dropped in 1985. He spent 10 years of his life siring working ranch horses on the Hastings Ranch in Northern California.

Rosie was first attracted to him “because of his old, type Morgan beauty, but felt that 14.2 was to small. After riding him, she realized she had a lot of horse under her. She states, “He throws his long elastic, smooth gaits, unusual agility, an extra measure of endurance, extra good joints and big joints, good feet and high withers reaching into the back. They are extremely sure footed in the mountains and fast travelers. There is also an unusual intelligence along with the high spirits, good nature and speed.”

El Cortez, the sire of El Spartez traces to the General Gates line as well as close Headlight and Donald lineage. El Cortez was a product of Elmer Brown’s breeding program in Halstead, Kansas.

For additional information:
See the Extended Pictorial Pedigree of El Spartez compiled by Rosemary O'Neil
Please note: this is a very large file so it will be slow to load.

photo credits: Rosemary O'Neil

photo credits: Rosemary O'Neil

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