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The Ancestors of Justin Morgan

Here is the well documented pedigree of Justin Morgan (Figure)from Volume 1 of the Register, from the affidavits of John Morgan, who stood True Britain (Beautiful Bay), the sire of Justin Morgan the horse. He was a relative of Justin Morgan the man, and this version of the pedigree has also been verified by actual documents and newspaper ads by Justin Morgan himself. Much of this was also verified in
the 1970s by the book by a noted UVM literature professor about the life of Justin Morgan the man, backed up by her extensive research into old documents and records pertaining to Justin Morgan's life.

"He was foaled in 1793, was sired by True Briton, or Beautiful Bay, owned by Selah Norton, of East Hartford, Connecticut, and then kept by John Morgan, at West Springfield, Massachusetts. True Briton was sired by the imported horse Traveler. The dam of the Justin Morgan horse, at the time he was sired, was owned by Justin Morgan himself, at Springfield, Massachusetts, where he then lived. The dam is described by Mr. John Morgan, who knew her, as of the Wildair breed, of middling size, with a heavy chest, of a very light bay color, with a bushy mane and tail, the hair on the legs rather long; and a smooth and handsome traveler. She was sired by Diamond, a thick, heavy horse of about middling size, with a thick, heavy mane and tail, hairy legs, and a smooth traveler. Diamond was kept by Justin Morgan himself, at the time the dam of Justin Morgan was sired. He was raised in East Hartford,Connecticut. His sire was Wildair, known as the Church Horse. The Church Horse was sired by the horse Wildair, imported by DeLancy of Long Island, and, as it was said, taken back to England"

In the ad for Beautiful Bay, in 1791, from the Connecticut Courant, when he
was standing at Selah Norton's:"Beautiful Bay.. His sire was the imported horse Traveler owned in New Jersey. His dam, DeLancey's imported racer. He is in his prime, in fine order, bright bay, fifteen hands high, trots and canters very light."

Also: from the long 1800s article by John Austin Stevens, in the New York Sun, entitled "Early New York Racing History", (The same article also appeared in an 1870s issue of Wallace's.) it is stated: "The Delancey arms hung on a sign at the old tavern door. Gay blades the DeLancey's were in the last century...for half a century, til the breaking out of the Revolution, they had full swing in the city of New York. Inter-married with nearly all the leading families, they had contrived among them to hold about all the important posts in the colony, and nothing loosened their tenacious hold but the grand cataclysm that broke up everything. ...The DeLanceys were a handsome race, also, and powerful, stalwart men. As a family they were noted as the head of the racing society of the continent, and it is doubtful whether there is any stable in the country to-day that can compare,
in extent and variety, with that of James DeLancey, at the height of its success and fame."

"All of the importations by the Americans were first-class stock, the strains of the Godolphin Arabian and the Bald Galloway being preferred for their speed and staying qualities. DeLancey's Wildair, Lath and Hero were sires of long and illustrious lines. The papers were full of the advertisements of these animals 'to cover' and contain careful statements of their long lines of ancestry."

There are several reprints of ads for Beautiful Bay, the sire of Justin Morgan in
Vol 1, where he stood in various places in Masschusetts by John Morgan Jr, a relative of Justin Morgan, and the pedigree given as above. There are also various ads for Justin Morgan the horse (known then as Figure) when owned by Justin Morgan and standing at stud, with the above given pedigree. He is described as a dark bay with black mane and tail, and fifteen and a half hands.

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