TK Mandolay
100% Foundation
100% Western Working/Old Ranch Lines

Birth 5/5/1998
Liver Chestnut Morgan Mare
Located in Monroe, WA

Contact Shelley Dodd for more information

Thanks to careful breeding, Mandy's bloodlines are a rare find. Her whole pedigree echoes and re-echoes the same WWF theme
throughout with old California WWF lines thrown in for added bonus. Mandy is a Vining Lamar daughter. Vining Lamar has a rare sireline through Romanesque to Red Oak and some close up crosses to Linsley and along with some Hearst breeding. See her pedigree below.

Mandy is a beautiful shade of liver chestnut and is 15 hands. She has had 5 months professional training although it's been about 2 years since she's been ridden. She's a very quick learner, smart, sensitive, gentle, not spooky and very athletic. Trailers well. Excellent ground manners. She knows Parelli seven games and you can direct her anywhere you want including side passing with just hand motions.

Mandy is a proven broodmare
having had two foals so far.

This is her 2008 colt El Spar
Diamond Rio.

I am asking $3000 for Mandy.

More photos of Mandy

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