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Press Release written by Mary Lou Wells for www.TheHorse.com

New Group Works to Preserve Foundation Morgan Horse
by: Edited Press Release
May 22 2009, Article # 14220

Concerned about the declining numbers of classic Morgan horses, breeders and owners around the country have united to form the Foundation Morgan Horse Society (FMHS).

The 133 members of the society are working to preserve the heritage, type, and "old style" conformation of the Foundation Morgan. In order to be considered a Foundation Morgan, a horse must trace its sire line directly back to the founding sire, the Justin Morgan horse, and the pedigree cannot include any outcrosses to Saddlebreds after 1930.

Descended from some of the best blood-horse breeding of the day, the Justin Morgan horse proved himself superior at every job he was asked to do. His compact, close-ribbed body, short back, long oblique shoulder, deep rounded hip, substantial bone, long forearm, short cannons, and well-let-down hocks enabled him to outwalk, out-trot, outrun, outwork, and outlast nearly all comers. As his reputation grew, farmers sought out his bloodlines and it soon became apparent that his ability to consistently pass on his unique conformation and willing temperament to his get, regardless of what kind of mares he was bred to, was his greatest attribute. This established his lasting legacy as the founding stallion of America's first breed.

Descendants of these original Morgan horses still exist today and still display the same characteristics which made the breed so popular 200 years ago. However the number of Foundation Morgans, as defined by the FMHS, has diminished to only a small percentage of the overall registry numbers.

In its quest to encourage the preservation of the old type and bloodlines, to educate people, and to provide them with the resources for finding or breeding to a Foundation Morgan, the FMHS has set up a Web site at foundationmorganhorse.com.

by Mary Lou Wells

author of:
" The Illustrated Guide To The Morab Horse"
With the History, Standards and Families Of
The Arabian Horse and The Morgan Horse
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