Morgan - Brunk Bloodlines

by Gail Perlee

Foundation stock acquired by Joseph Brunk starting in 1893.

Chetco (x Ben Franklin by Daniel Lambert)
Morgan Rupert (x Ethan Allen 3rd by Ethan Allen 2nd)
Jubilee de Jarnette (Jubilee Lambert x Lady de Jarnette)
Knox Morgan (Mountaineer Morgan x dam by Ethan Allen
Daisy (Billy Bodette x dam by Billy Folsom)
Lucy (Billy Bodette x dam by Street Horse)
Jenny Lind (Chase Horse x dam x Morgan Lion)
Flora Temple (Ethan Allen 2nd x mare by Starlight)
Peters Girl (Ethan Allen 2nd x dam by Pathfinder)

Aims of the breeder: Produce a line bred all-purpose horse with plenty of action and quality for the show ring.

Some of the well-known individuals produced by this line:

Senator Knox Daisy Knox
Flyhawk Bens Daisy
Jubilee King Florette
Senator Graham Senata
Red Vermont Sentola
Juzan Jubilee Joy
Agazziz Sentana
Congo Neliza
Stetson Paragraph
Mr. Breezy Cobra Liza Jane
Flying Jubilee Juvina
Beamington Daisette

Prefixes of breeding programs based on the Brunk lines: Irish, Funquest, Highview, Reeds and horses bred by the Brunks, Greenwaits & Ryans.

Characteristics of the family: High showy actions; Sound correct legs and feet; All around athletic ability.

More Information:
Morgan Horse Magazine, "Brunks of Illinois" p. 100, Sept 1977;
"History of the Brunk Family" July 68 (Reprint June 86, p 90);
Flyhawk Issue (July 74); Jubilee King Issue (July 84);
"Mr Breezy Cobra" Part 1, Sept 78, p. 58; Part II, Oct 78, p. 32;
Mr Breezy Cobra Issue (July 86)

Note: All issues of Morgan Magazine are at PMHA.

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