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Our mission is to preserve and promote the original blood and type of the Foundation Morgan Horse.

We are committed to:
· upholding high standards of service, integrity and ethics
· building a spirit of cooperation and education
among "members" and within the greater Morgan owning community and
· maintaining open communication

These bloodlines are very endangered and the breed is currently over 50% diluted with Saddlebred and Hackney blood changing the original baroque type and versatility of the breed that was so well known for its great heart and beauty.

FMHS believes that if there is more promotion of the 'old' original blood and type along with educating the people that come to this breed unaware of these problems, then they will choose to save these magnificent animals.

At this time, we are an informal group and there is no formal membership.


Description of the Morgan breed, from Vol 1 of the Morgan Register, quoting a 1841 letter from Mr. Barnard, a prominent Morgan breeder of the

"The Morgan is a great traveler and all-day horse...the Morgan glides over the ground, at eight or nine miles and hour, with such easy movement
of his legs. The Morgan has ears wide apart, has great space between the eyes, which is considered a sure indication of energy in an animal. The
Morgan has the best open nostril for wind and bottom, more like that of a race-horse, and the whole of the muzzle, as well as the eye and the ear, indicate more breeding or longer cultivation...the Morgan is always long in the side, but short in the back, and strong and beautiful in the loins.
His fine shoulder too...is deep, well sloped, serving conjointly with a wide chest and the forelegs set wide apart to give the horse an appearance
of strength and endurance scarecely to be looked for in one of his spirit and fleetness. The high crested neck and thick, wavy tail of the Morgan
show much of the character. The Morgan horse is remarkable for the projection of the ribs from the spine, giving him a wide back and round barrel... poor feet are a rare occurrence among Morgan horses."


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Together with FoundationMorganHorse.com, we have started a new yahoo group. Please join us!

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FoundationMorganHorse.com and the Foundation Morgan Horse Society will be sending out a joint newsletter in the near future where we'll be making some exciting announcements and keeping you up to date on what's happening. If you haven't already joined at FMH.com, please subscribe now.

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